A Little About Us…

Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant was first opened in 1989 by owner and Dim Sum Chef Wong.  Chef Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong.  Starting at age 15, he learned to master the art and skills of Dim Sum as well as other Chinese cuisines.

In 1984, Wong moved to New York where he worked for a local Chinese restaurant.  However, he soon realized how much he wanted to open a Dim Sum restaurant of his own.  In 1989, Wong and his family moved to Florida and opened up Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant.

Wong is well-known throughout South Florida for his authentic Dim Sum.  Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant offers Dim Sum all day unlike traditional Dim Sum which is only served during breakfast and lunch.  Toa Toa is dedicated to serving fresh, high quality Dim Sum and Chinese cuisines.  All of our Dim Sum is made-to-order to ensure the freshness of our items so we serve all Dim Sum items as soon as they are ready!